Branding: What is it and why is it important to your business?

The most important aspect of branding is that the entity has to be worthy of people’s trust and attention.  Abrams Fensterman is a full-service New York based law firm that has worked long and hard at building a brand that people equate with intelligent, competent, professionals.  Joel Greenberg, a Senior Partner at Abrams Fensterman states “Each time a client has a successful experience when dealing with our team of attorneys, it not only builds confidence and trust with that particular client, it also brings us that much closer to our goal of branding the law firm as a positive and trustworthy place to go for your legal needs”.   

A well-reputed brand will also facilitate repeat business.  When clients know what to expect from you and they know you keep your promises, they’re less likely to stop using your services and switch to a competitor.   A good brand reputation will help clients answer the question “What is it like to work with you and your firm?”

Part of the branding process includes the creation of a logo in order to have people connect an image with the company.  The following is the logo used for Abrams Fensterman law firm in New York.   

The main goal of a logo is to achieve a correlation between the image and your brand.  The appearance of your logo is a symbol of the entire identity and brand.  It identifies a company or product with its symbol.  It should have a clean look that is easily recognizable.  When people see the “Abrams Fensterman” logo what do we want them to think about?  Great service?  Exceptional attorneys?  Reliability?  These are all questions to ask yourself when trying to create an image that represents your business.  

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, especially a business relationship. Make sure your branding efforts reflect the reasons that clients or customers should put their faith in you, and craft your image and message accordingly.

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