As Health Law Spurs Mergers, Risks Are Seen…

Read this article to understand the frantic way in which hospitals and physicians are aggressively pursuing President Obama’s health reform
mantra that “bigger is better.” As physicians find themselves with little choice but to join large, integrated healthcare delivery systems in order
to survive, America will effectively see the private practice of medicine come to an end. Young doctors who graduate from medical school are no
longer able to “put up a shingle” like their predecessors.  Instead, they are following the lead of established physicians in private practice and flocking to these large healthcare systems for a steady paycheck and job security-things that are no longer available to physicians in private practice.  Healthcare is transforming itself in much the same way as the retail industry did years ago with the arrival of the “big box” chain stores.  The small shops on Main Street became relics-so will Drs. Ben Casey, Jim Kildare, Alex Stone, and the other physician-heroes of our past.

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